Angelle's Inspiration

  Inspiring you to let your light shine

Spoken Word Artist/ Singer/ Songwriter

Using the rhythm of life to move your soul

As a Spoken Word Artist and Singer/ Songwriter, Angelle is able to use the rhythm of life to move your soul in a direction of personal healing and self awareness.  Angelle receives most of her Spoken Word pieces and song lyrics in meditation.  Her pieces speak to equality, love and justice for all. She encourages everyone to let their voice be heard when centered in love.  She reminds everyone we each have something of value to share with this world.  She asks us to drop the labels and separation, opening our hearts to the truth of who are are as one people.  Her divinely received words are messages that cross all walls of separation and can be heard crossing the boundaries of our minds, moving straight into our hearts.

Inspirational Speaker

Opening your mind and speaking to your heart

As an inspirational Speaker, Angelle is able to inspire people to find their own unique divine light and encourage us to let it shine.  She asks us to open our minds and look into our hearts, to find that passion moving within. 
What lights your fire?  
What is your soul longing to say?  
Angelle inspires a passion for life, healing and growth.  She reminds us all that without a passion and love for ourselves and others, we are not living, we are merely survivng. She inspires us to live a life of joy while holding ourselves accountable for making that happen. She encourages each of us to do our own personal work so we may realize those chains that are binding and holding us down.  She inspires each of us to live a life that is free from the bondage of our own patterns and mind - a life of love, a life where we keep moving forward, knowing that it is through the darkness that we find our own inner light.  Angelle focuses strongly on claiming our voices, discovering  the power in speaking our truths.  She encourages you to break the silence and let you voices be heard, but when rooted in love and understanding for ourselves and others.

Workshop Facilitator

Discovering your own personal power

As a Woskshop facilitator, Angelle guides people on their own personal journey of self discovery and healing.  She works with participants on a guided path to self understanding and finding inner truth.  Her workshops encourage people to dive deep and hold themselves in the highest awareness so they may better learn how to live a life that creates a happy heart.  

Discover what your true soul voice wants to say. Then,  we are able to understand how to speak truth in light and love. Find your voice, find your light and learn that it is ok to shine! It is ok to cry, it's ok to feel pain, it's ok to move forward and it's ok to dream.  She reminds everyone to let go of perfection while holding everyone in the highest light.  Acknowledge that you are perfect right where you are, and that we must  also always keep moving forward. Her process encourages us to remember that no one said life was easy, but it can absolutely be beautiful!! Through a greater understanding of  self and the journey, we are empowered to create the life we wish to see. We are never alone, we are always loved and always supported in this healing journey called life.

This is one of my Spoken Word pieces called "My Voice Matters".  This piece was written after an experience where I was told  my voice wasn't good enough,  I felt silenced and that I had nothing of value to share.  It came to me in mediation as a reminder for myself and for the rest of the world that we all have something of value to share.  Each and every single one of us has the power to be exactly who we came to be.  Never let the opinions of others define who you are or what you came here to do.  I want to encourage you to stand in your power, let your light shine and your voice be heard. You matter!  Your voice matters!  This piece is a finalist at the 2018 Positive Music Festival in the category of Personal Transformation, may it be your reminder to step through your fears because you can not even image the possibilities that are waiting on the other side. 

My Voice Matters Idea 2
Angelle Peace