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Discovering who I came to be...

The process of setting myself free

An Idea is Born...

A huge part of my healing journey began when I was working as a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator. You see, my dream as a child had always been to be on stage and I had been reminded of that dream in my own process of healing. I had a wonderful idea one Halloween after dressing up as Marilyn Monroe. I could be a Marilyn Monroe Impersonator! What could be more fun? I would get to dress up, play a role, escape to a new reality, be a star, live the dream AND make money. It seemed perfect!

A Journey Began...

Well not long into it, I booked a gig where I was required to sing in front of 200 people. Suddenly, I realized I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I had a HUGE fear of singing in front of people. I was also required to keep my hair a certain color and a certain length to look like Marilyn. But, you see, I am a very creative person who loves having freedom of expression. I am also a hairdresser and makeup artist whose hair color changes about once a month - with colors ranging from purple, blonde, pink, blue; well you get the point.

I suddenly found myself feeling very restricted, trying to force myself into this box to be someone other than me. Once I began diving into doing my own healing work, impersonating Marilyn did not resonate with me.

Lo and behold, I still had gigs getting booked. I even had an amazing opportunity where I worked a gig as pre-party entertainment for a true red carpet event.

I was working for CEOs of major companies and event planners. I even walked the red carpet to MEET MOVIE STARS. Still, something still didn't feel right.

On top of feeling restricted, I was being forced to face this HUGE fear of letting my voice be heard - a fear that Marilyn herself faced. As I studied her and her character, I learned Marilyn Monroe was an act that Norma Jean played for the world. She became who she thought everyone wanted her to be. I began to feel truly connected with my character.

This is a story most people can relate to. I was trying to sound like someone else, I was trying to look like someone else, I was trying to be someone else. I was pretending to be someone I'm not. As I struggled to find Marilyn's Voice and sound, I began the journey of finding my own voice ....A voice I had been hiding from.

Claiming My Voice and My Power...

I began an extremely painful healing process. I was forced to look at the stories I had been carrying about myself. I had to face hurtful things people had said to me throughout my life. I revisited a terrible audition I had ten years ago that I held as my most embarrassing moment of my life. That moment stopped me from singing for ten years.

I had to face the places where I felt vulnerable and really see the blockages I had held throughout my body in correlation with my voice and my POWER. I had no power in my word, I held no power in my voice and my communication; with myself and others. I hadn't ever truly allowed my voice to be heard or myself to be truly seen for who I was. I lived in fear - fear of not being good enough. I made the choice to walk through and face truly gut-wrenching fear.

There were so many times I wanted to give up and stop doing the work, stop stepping out, stop letting my voice be heard. There were so many tears cried, multiple panic attacks, people who confirmed my fear of not being good enough. Even through all the pain and all the fear, I knew I had to keep pushing through. I had to walk through my own personal darkness, I had to face my inner demons and my own inner critic. As much as I wanted to give up, something inside of me knew it was too late - there was no turning back.

As I continued to step out, face myself and my fears, I began to heal and open up. As I took the time to do my inner work and face things that were hard to see, the easier it got.  I became able to hold power in my word and in my breath.  I became able to see the truth of who I am and who I wanted to be.  My journay became clear and my heart had began to heal.  I learned to strive toward loving myself and my voice every single day.  I learned to question who I am and what I believe all while allowing my beliefs to change, to grow and to evolve. I have taken my experience of self discovery and empowerment  and have chosen to share it with others, hoping to inspire them.

I am now working as an Inspirational Speaker, Spoken Word Artist, Singer/Songwriter and a Workshop Facilitator, helping others to find their voice, their power and speak their truth. I encourage everyone to know they have something of value to share. To let go of perfection. You/We all are perfect right where we are. Encouraging and inspiring others to find their light, their gift and face the fears that hold them back. I believe that only after facing our own inner darkness can we truly find the light. I am facilitating workshops helping others find their voice through love and compassion for themselves and others. It is to rewarding knowing that by stepping through fear and doing my work I am now able to help empower others to do the same. We are all on this healing journey together and I want to live in a space where we help lift one another up into light and love. 

Peace and blessings to you all, remember wherever you are in your journey, light and love are always possible. You are never alone and you are always supported. You are a beautiful radiant being of light and love. Allow that to flow out into the world and most importantly give that love to yourself, you are truly beautiful.