Angelle's Inspiration

  Inspiring you to let your light shine

Hello and Welcome to Angelle's Inspiration

May you be inspired to find your own unique divine light and encouraged to let it shine. 

Angelle uses her captivating Spoken Word Pieces along with a commanding stage presence to open your mind and speak directly to your heart. Her spoken word pieces speak directly to the soul as they use the rhythm of life to move you into the direction of personal healing and self empowerment. She uses her passion for  communication, healing, growth and personal discovery to inspire others to find their own unique divine light and encourage them to let it shine. As Angelle speaks she shares her own journey of facing her fears and being rejected until she stopped rejecting herself. You will feel release as we bring an awareness to the barriers we carry as our truth. Her workshops lead you on a personal journey of self discovery venturing to where your story began. We redefine what is the truth of who we are and work together to say what our hearts are longing to share with the world. Angelle's mission is to encourage every single person to know they have something of value to share with the world and inspire them to let their voice be heard, when rooted in love.

Inspirational Speaker

Opening your mind and speaking to your heart.

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Spoken Word Artist

Singer/ Songwriter

Using the rhythm of life to move your soul.

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Workshop Facilitator

Discovering your own personal power.

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